Burke County GOP Publishes Official 2022 Voter Guides

Burke County GOP Releases Official Candidate Voter Guides

October 3rd, 2022

Burke County, NC


In an effort to assist voters in Burke County, North Carolina, the Burke County Republican Party has released three guides to assist voters in electing conservative candidates to local, state, and federal offices. Voters are allowed to bring printed material with them into the voting booth. Electronic devices are not allowed to be used while voting so voters are encouraged to write down or print the voter guides and take them in as a reminder of conservative candidates. 

The sample ballot was produced by the Burke County Republican Party and was not reproduced by a Board of Elections and is not an official ballot. However, it does have all of the candidates listed in the order that they will appear on the official ballot and it has been premarked with conservative choices as a convenient reminder to voters. Here are links to the voter guides. 

Voting is one of the most patriotic acts a citizen can participate in. In 2018, only 48% of Burke County registered voters turned out to vote in the Mid-Term elections. By voting and encouraging your friends, neighbors, and relatives to vote, citizens have the ability to make course corrections in how our county, state, and federal government operates. Please do your civic duty and vote this year. 

Early voting begins on October 20th and runs through November 5th, 2022. There are five convenient locations across the county and you may vote at any of these. Election day is November 8th. If you wait to vote on election day, you must vote in your assigned precinct. For more election information VISIT THIS LINK or one of the links below. 

Burke County Sample Ballot

Voter Guide for Judges

Voter Guide for other Candidates


For more information, you may contact the Burke County Republican Party Chairman, Brian Barrier, at 828-413-0506.