Chairman Letter



    As a nation, we are in the midst of one of the most troubling and tumultuous times in American history. In recent years our country has seen a divide amongst our people, surpassing anything we have seen in recent history. It brings me great pain and sadness to see our nation being torn apart by the radical left.

Since the beginning of our history as a nation, there has been a division on how to move forward as a country. We have often disagreed on a multitude of issues, but respect for our institutions has prevailed throughout the majority of our history.
Today's social and political climate has seen many on the left calling for completely uprooting our democratic system.

Major political candidates on the left are calling for all-out socialism, abolishing our law enforcement, and the limitation of numerous inalienable rights, including the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. The Democratic party of old is dead. Long gone are
the days of moderate democrats.

Long gone are the days where Democrats like Kennedy called for people to ask not what the country could do for them but what we can do for our country. I am calling on you now not as Republicans or Democrats, but as sensible Americans to stand
with us as a party to ensure our institutions' survival, demand respect for our law enforcement brothers and sisters and defend our sacred, inalienable rights.

Together we can ensure that our nation is not lost too socialism and anarchy and that sensible reforms can be made to better our system. The answer to our problems is not the demolishing of our government and institutions as those on the left have suggested. The solution to our problems is the unity of our people, and the collaboration of great minds to solve inevitable issues that will arise in any democracy.

Thank you for your time; your prayers and support are needed. To find out how you can help with our cause, please contact the Burke County Republican Party at 828-430-3099


Burke County Republican Party
Chairman, Richard A Epley