President Trump Impeachment

  • Impeaching former President Donald Trump is nothing more than a politically motivated overreach that will only divide our country further.
  • The process has already been tainted by House Democrats who rushed impeachment through the House (with zero due process for President Trump), only for Nancy Pelosi to delay sending the articles to the Senate for 28 days.
    • Even the New York Times Editorial Board disapproved of Pelosi’s delay.
  • Many Democrats called for President Trump to be impeached even before he took office.
  • The Founders designed the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office - not as a tool to punish private citizens.
    • Several prominent law professors, jurists, and nearly every Senate Republican have made clear they agree that this process is unconstitutional.
  • Democrats like Bernie Sanders already admitted to delaying action on important legislation like COVID relief for political gain. This is yet another distraction from the priorities our country must address like combatting COVID, opening our schools, distributing vaccines, and getting Americans back to work.
  • Republicans will keep fighting for American workers while Democrats sow division and put politics first.
  • RNC Statement on Senate Impeachment Trial