US House 5th District April 23, 2021 Update

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The rule of law that exists in this Republic is sacred, and it has governed our society for centuries alongside the administration of fair and impartial justice. Scores of proud patriots have dedicated their lives to upholding the rule of law, and many have lost their lives defending it as well. With that in mind, what I’m about to tell you next is disheartening news: radical, far-left groups are working right now to dismantle the sacred institutions in this country that are discharged with upholding the rule of law – and the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) is the first on the chopping block. This is not fiction; it’s a new and sobering reality.

Over the last few weeks, the issue of packing the court has made its way from the hallowed halls of Congress to the steps of the SCOTUS building here in Washington. Press conferences have been held, floor speeches have been broadcasted on television, and the media have pounced on every ounce of information they can pull from Washington Democrats who want to make their schemes become a reality. Those same members of Congress, just years ago, were the self-described “guardians” of protecting SCOTUS and keeping the number of judges at squarely at nine, but now they’re bending to the will of radical interest groups. It certainly says a lot that their contradictions speak louder than their newly scripted talking points.

What if I told you that even President Biden has done a 180 degree turn on how he views court packing? Look at what he said in the Senate in 1983 when asked about the idea of court packing and President Roosevelt’s plan to expand the Supreme Court to as many as 15 judges:

“It [court packing] was a bonehead idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. And it put in question, for an entire decade, the independence of the most significant body in this country... the Supreme Court of the United States of America."

If court packing was a “bonehead idea” as then Senator Biden described, why has he recently signed an Executive Order creating a commission to study what reforms could be made to SCOTUS? Have you caught on to his backtracking yet? I sure have. Protecting SCOTUS from the hordes of left-wing advocacy groups and attacks from Washington Democrats is incredibly important, and I’m proud to share that I’ve joined in that fight.

Earlier this Congress, I signed on as a cosponsor to Representative Dusty Johnson’s (R-SD) constitutional amendment to cap the Supreme Court at nine justices. Court packing is a legitimate threat to the nation’s strongest judicial institution, and it must be confronted immediately. The American people do not want SCOTUS turned into an instrument used in political warfare, and I’ll continue to fight against attempts to do.

ICYMI: Trial Lawyers Are Lining Their Pockets

Last week, the House passed H.R. 7, the so-called Paycheck Fairness Act, a radical piece of legislation that offers no new protections against pay discrimination and rewards trial lawyers with limitless paydays at the expense of hardworking women. Democrats aren’t giving the full story when they talk about pay differences. Women are making career choices that are best for themselves and their families. Limiting their freedom to do so is wrong. Congress has no place in telling women their career choices are wrong. Yet, D.C. Democrats are hellbent on telling all Americans how to live their lives, how to spend their money, and now how to make career decisions.

The Paycheck Fairness Act is not a win for women in the slightest. It is a false promise that creates opportunities and advantages only for trial lawyers looking for easy payouts while causing irreparable harm to employers. By making it much easier to bring lawsuits of questionable value against employers, trial lawyers will be able to force employers into settlements or try for unlimited paydays from jury awards, lining their own pockets and dragging women through tedious, never-ending legal proceedings.

To read my full floor remarks, click here.

Reining In Big Tech

Conservatives are branded with a scarlet letter online by Big Tech and are silenced but known leaders of terror groups are free to post their own violent rhetoric without the fear of consequences. That’s right, state sponsors of terrorism are given get-out-of-jail free cards by Big Tech. That’s outrageous, and I’m working diligently in the People’s House to call out Big Tech. This week, I sponsored Representative Andy Barr’s No Social Media Accounts for Terrorists or State Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This bill would prohibit social media platforms from providing services to foreign individuals and entities already sanctioned for terrorism and senior officials of state sponsors of terrorism. Big Tech thinks they can get away with this, but I say different. It’s time for action, and I’m proud to help lead the charge.

To learn more about this bill, click here.

Quote of The Week

Context always matters. Let us not forget, however, why context matters: It is a tool for understanding the terms of the law, not an excuse for rewriting them.”

- Judge Antonin Scalia 

Have a blessed weekend.


Virginia Foxx