US House 5th District April 9, 2021 Update

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The latest “infrastructure” package proposed by Washington Democrats is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and you deserve to know the truth. With a price tag of $2.3 trillion, your first thought would likely be, “Where is the money going?” Sadly, the answer is not what you would expect. Let’s break down the details and uncover this developing scheme:

  • Less than 6% ($115 billion) will be for improving roads and bridges.
  • Less than 2% ($42 billion) will be for improving waterways, ports, and airports.
  • Less than 5% ($100 billion) will be for rural broadband extension.

Now, those numbers may seem positive on the surface, but just wait until you see where the rest of the money is headed:

  • $400 billion for Medicaid expansion
  • $213 billion for housing to increase federal control of housing markets
  • $100 billion for schools without the requirement of having them reopen
  • $50 billion for a new office at the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • $35 billion for climate science, innovation, and R&D
  • $10 billion to create a new “Civilian Climate Corps”

Tell me, if this proposed package is purportedly dedicated to improving America’s infrastructure, why in the world would it have over $800 billion in unrelated spending? I’ll tell you exactly why: Washington Democrats want to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes as they advance a costly agenda that will bankrupt the country. This isn’t an infrastructure package, it’s the resurrection of the failed Green New Deal. A catchy title and all the media spin can’t overshadow the fact that this proposed package is a bad deal for the American people, and a disaster for the country.  Furthermore, the spending will occur over a 10-year period but the pay-back period is 15 years, which implies that much of the non-infrastructure spending will continue beyond the authorization dates.

It’s particularly telling that even President Biden’s Energy Secretary admitted that Congressional Democrats will have to pass this partisan monstrosity by reconciliation. What that means is that they will bypass any attempt to work or negotiate with Republicans throughout the process. That’s shameful. The simple truth is that improving America’s infrastructure is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It’s a nonpartisan issue, but as of late, it’s turned into a partisan charade.

The fact is that proud small businesses, families, and patriots within the Fifth District do not want to suffer the consequences of the Green New Deal. Once this sham package is brought before the People’s House, I will strongly oppose it. America needs real solutions to improve infrastructure, and not taxpayer-funded shopping sprees that waste your hard-earned money.

The Peach State Pile On

There’s a new and popular sermon, but you won’t find it being preached in a church service or a Sunday school classroom. It’s found on television, and more specifically, on far-left news networks. Flip on these outlets at any point during the day, and you’ll hear an endless diatribe from political pundits and anchors against Republicans who are working diligently to protect election integrity. That work is being branded as “voter suppression”, and that accusation is a lie.

In Georgia, an election integrity bill was recently signed into law by Republican Governor Brian Kemp, and since then, the media has spun a narrative that Republicans are working to suppress voter participation. Even Joe Biden jumped into the conversation and made claims that the law was an attack against the working class. However, the Washington Post released an analysis refuting his claim – and rightfully awarded him Four Pinocchio’s. What’s not widely mentioned in the media is that the bill was modeled after the 2002 Help America Vote Act, that Joe Biden voted in favor of in the United States Senate. Not surprisingly, both pieces of legislation possess identical language. Has his memory completely escaped him or is he trying to avoid his own political blunder?

Right now, the media’s misleading comments have reached such a point that it has now penetrated private sector companies. Hoards of activists and far-left interests have adopted the media’s narrative and now are attacking companies and professional sports organizations that do business in states considering election integrity safeguards – and even the leaders of these companies and organizations are caving to the pressure. The blame falls squarely on the media for negating the facts and deceiving the American people. It’s interesting that the liberal news networks that claim to be the sources for the truth and unvarnished reporting are the same ones that turn to profiteering off their own spin just to try to stay afloat.

The Fifth District Continues To Lead

The Fifth District is home to many small businesses and entrepreneurs who are shaping not only economic success within the state, but also across the country. On Tuesday, I was proud to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for Owen Medical Products, a woman-owned manufacturer and distributor of disposable medical products, in North Wilkesboro. Jill and Brian Owen, the CEO and COO, founded their company to alleviate the United State’s dependence on foreign suppliers of critical medical products and personal protective equipment (PPE) since the COVID-19 pandemic first touched our shores. This is yet another success story of everyday Americans stepping up to the plate and serving those around them.

I’m pleased that the Fifth District continues to serve as a model for the rest of North Carolina to follow. The innovation – and more so the caliber of hardworking people here – is truly awe-inspiring. I look forward to seeing the impact that Jill and Brian will make well into the future.

Quote of The Week

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new.”


Have a blessed weekend.


Virginia Foxx