US House 5th District January 21, 2022 Update

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There are many words that can be used to describe President Biden’s first year in office, but the one that comes to mind for me is “incompetence”. No matter how ambitious, forward-thinking, or transformative this administration tries to bill itself as, it cannot shake the stench of incompetence that surrounds every initiative or policy objective that it creates. Commonsense dictates that when you fail miserably at something, you take a step back and reevaluate your approach. Instead of doing that, this administration has doubled down on its failures. As a result, America has taken too many steps in the wrong direction. Think about what has happened over the course of one year:

  • Inflation reached a 40-year high.
  • The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • Americans are now paying 49.6% more for gas.
  • Skyrocketing crime rates in cities across the country.
  • 1.7 million illegal immigrants overrunning the southern border.
  • Parents being targeted by the FBI and Department of Justice
  • School closures that have harmed America’s children

Those failures skim the surface of the problems that America is facing right now. Imagine if things were done differently, and the priorities of the American people were put first instead of last. There would never have been socialist spending sprees that piled even more debt on future generations of Americans. Legislative gimmicks to inflate the power and scope of the federal bureaucracy would have never been acted upon. Families across the country would not be struggling to afford basic commodities, heat their homes, or even fill up their gas tanks.

At this point, we should be in the middle of the great American comeback, not falling further behind because of policies that have failed time and time again. This administration needs a good dose of common sense and accountability, and I’m fighting every day in Washington to make that happen.

In case you missed it, I spoke about President Biden’s first year in office on Tuesday night, and I did not hold back.

We Are Demanding Answers

Last week, I led a letter signed by every Republican on the Education and Labor Committee demanding a hearing with U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to answer for his role in supporting and encouraging efforts to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists. Here is a short excerpt:

“According to emails obtained through federal information requests, we see that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the letter from NSBA that labeled parents as ‘domestic terrorists.’ Despite an immediate request from this Committee for a briefing on this matter, the Department of Education has been silent on this despicable action. Once again, the Department of Education is ignoring legitimate oversight requests and general requests for information and is instead hiding its agenda from the American people.”

To read our letter, click here.

My Latest Op-Ed

In my end of year newsletter, I mentioned a piece of legislation that I recently introduced, the Spending Safeguard Act, that will help curb government spending and protect your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. This week, I placed an op-ed in the Wilkes Record about my bill and why Congress has been left off its budgetary leash for far too long. Taxpayers are not being respected in Washington, and I’m fighting to protect them every step of the way.

To read my op-ed and find out more about the Spending Safeguard Act, click here.

Quote of The Week

“Incompetence is the true crisis.”

-Albert Einstein

Have a blessed weekend,

Virginia Foxx