US House 5th District June 18 2021 Update

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Take a moment and think about the last few months under the Biden Administration, and the burden that has been placed upon the American people because his inaction and failed policies. What are some issues that come to your mind? Are you concerned about national security and how vulnerable the southern border has become? What about the historic spending levels leading to catastrophic debt that will crush future generations of Americans? Maybe it’s the rising prices of gas, food, household utilities, and even groceries?

If you’ve thought about these issues recently, I can assure you that you are not alone. What’s concerning to me is how we’ve shifted from policies that put America and American citizens first, to policies that leave us behind. I can think of a few policies and misguided initiatives that have left an open wound that has yet to heal:

  • Cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline that eliminated thousands of jobs for hardworking Americans and helped drive up gasoline costs.
  • Paying Americans to stay at home instead of returning to work, stifling the economy, and delaying a comeback that we know we’re capable of achieving.
  • Leaving families and students in a lurch by closing schools, ignoring the science, and setting back the educational pursuits of our nation’s future leaders.
  • Creating a full-blown crisis at the southern border and then ignoring it due to mismanagement and a stark refusal to accept responsibility.

A heaping bucket of commonsense is what’s required to lead America towards brighter days, but President Biden and those around him are lacking that. The last thing the American people deserve is their own country being left in disrepair, and a leader like President Biden, who won’t work to fix it. My Republican colleagues and I in the People’s House will continue to call out this Administration for not delivering on the priorities of the American people, and we won’t bow to the left’s radical agenda to further dismantle the country. Count on that.

My Latest Op-Ed

On Wednesday, Fox News printed my op-ed about how America can fight critical race theory (CRT) and end student indoctrination. Without question, CRT is corrosive to America’s founding principle that we are all created equal, and it frames America’s history as a source of shame. More importantly, adherents to critical race theory converge with white supremacists by equating the content of one’s character to the color of a person’s skin. That fact alone is repulsive and un-American.

Contrary to the radical left’s rhetoric, America is not a racist country. We are a collection of the failures and successes of past generations to create a nation grounded in the idea that all people are created equal and have equal opportunity. That is what our schools should be instilling in our youth, that no matter your background, there will always be room for you to succeed in America.

To read my op-ed, click here.

The People’s House Must Be Reopened

On Monday, I signed on to Representative Rodney Davis’ letter to Speaker Pelosi demanding that the House of Representatives be fully reopened to the public. With cases of COVID-19 rapidly declining across the United States, and with Washington, D.C. being fully reopened, there is no excuse for Congress’ doors to remain closed. Based on her lack of action to date, it’s evident that Speaker Pelosi has no intention of having the People’s House return to regular order with the goal of serving the American people. This is not only a failure of leadership, it’s a failure of adhering to good governance. To read the letter, click here.

Quote of The Week

"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

- Samuel Adams

Have a blessed weekend.


Virginia Foxx




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